Ft. Hood Overview

The Ft. Hood Data consists of panchromatic aerial mapping photography collected around the Ft. Hood, TX area for the RADIUS program. There were two distinct Ft. Hood data collections and several distributions of each collection. The first collection, Dataset #1, was on December 10, 1991 and consisted of four images: two vertical and two highly oblique images. The second collection, Dataset #2, was held in October 1993 and consists of 7 vertical and 19 oblique images. Only data from Dataset #2 is available here.

The images from Dataset #2 were scanned in Jan-Feb 1995 at the Digital Mapping Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University, on a Vexcel VX3000 scanner. Original distribution occurred in June 1995. However, several re-distributions of the original data have occurred since that time.

The data that is archived here is a corrected version of the original Dataset #2 imagery. It has been modified to conform to WGS84 (ellipsoid) elevation conventions. The original data used a sea level (geoid) system.

Note: Some source documents refer to this ‘corrected’ version of the data as ‘distribution #3’