SAR-Based GMTI in Urban Environment Challenge Problem Overview

This data set consists of motion-compensated phase history airborne radar data and associated truth data of a moving ground vehicle in a cultural clutter environment. The vehicle of interest is a Dodge Durango instrumented with a handheld GPS device which recorded motion estimates at a 1 Hz rate. The phase-history data is from two spotlight passes that cover coincident viewing geometry. Both passes contain three phase centers of HH polarization data. Each pass of phase-history data is augmented with pulse-wise auxiliary data, or PAUX data, to provide the necessary information for processing the phase-histories (i.e. pulse time, antenna position, PRF, etc.).

Full-Doppler images of the mission and reference pass formed at 51 seconds after the start of the scenario while the Durango was Doppler-shifted over cultural clutter. Blue box indicates actual target location. Red box indicates location of target's Doppler-shifted energy.