Phoenix Translator

Program Description:

The phoenix translator program extracts information from a file's native header and uses it to construct a phoenix header for that file. The file is then appended to the phoenix header. 

Version #:


What's New:

Initial Version

Program Usage:

phxlate.<machine extension>

  • -t <translation table> 
  • -n <native header size>
  • -s <signature length>
  • <Input filename>
  • <Output filename> 

Description of Arguments: 

<machine extension>:
File extension on the program corresponding to the machine for which the code was compiled.
<translation table>:
Filename of the translation table that describes the conversion of the native header to the new phoenix header.
<native header length>:
Length of the input file's native header in bytes.
<signature length>:
Length of individuate signation in the Input file usually the length of the Input file.
<Input Filename>:
Name of the file to have a phoenix header added.
<Output Filename>:
Name of the new phoenix file.

Files Necessary to Compile: 

  • get_func.c
  • get_mods.c
  • get_val.c
  • openfils.c
  • phxlate.c
  • phxlate.h
  • put_asci.c
  • put_boo0.c
  • put_boo1.c
  • put_boon.c
  • put_booy.c
  • put_comm.c
  • put_dbl.c
  • put_flt.c
  • swap_n.c
  • put_func.c
  • put_hex.c
  • put_i2.c
  • put_key.c
  • put_long.c
  • put_num.c
  • put_out.c
  • put_sht.c
  • put_swfl.c
  • put_swlg.c
  • put_swsh.c
  • put_totl.c
  • put_ulng.c
  • put_unum.c
  • put_usht.c
  • put_vaxr.c
  • put_vin2.c
  • put_vin4.c