GTRI Header Information

Each file contains a header followed by phase history data with sufficient aperture and bandwidth to support up to 1 foot x 1 foot range/cross range resolution. Signature data is in raw binary format, where each sample in the phase history matrix is in single precision SUN floating point format. A sample of an ASCII header pre-appended to each file is shown below:


PhoenixHeaderLength= 854

PhoenixSigSize= 92509068

PhoenixSigNum= 0001


HeaderVersionNumber= 2PG

PhoenixLines= 0035

native_header_length= 896

Filename= 960821202.phx

Chp_MD5_CheckSum= 64f7dc9f91abb73417eac1806eccf6

NumberOfColumns= 401

NumberOfRows= 7200

Site= GTRI Turntable

MeasuredDepression= 28.137054

AntennaElevation= 24.493000

RadarMode= ISAR

DataCollecters= Georgia Tech Research Institute

CollectionName= GTRI 3D ISAR

CollectionDate= 08/21/96

CollectionTime= 6:36

Classification= UNCLASSIFIED

CenterFrequency= 9.600000

Bandwidth= 0.983894 GHz

RangeResolution= 0.152350

CrossRangeResolution= 0.152350

TargetType= t72_tank

TatgetSerNum= 812

Polarization= (HH, HV, VH, VV)

RowOrientation= Top

ColOrientation= Left

Datatype= CDF

SignalType= Phase History

Architecture= Sun