GTRI Naming Conventions

Filename: fxxxyyzz
xxx is a 3 digit number that uniquely identifies a parent file name that corresponds to a particular target elevation angle (antenna depression angle) with respect to the radar. Note several phase history blocks (files) have the same 3 digits as each elevation slice has been processed into several files corresponding to specific target aspects and transmit/receive polarization.
yy defines the transmit/receiver polarization (e.g., VV implies transmit vertical/receive vertical)
zz defines the phase block (file) number for a given elevation slice and polarization pair.
This number can be translated to a nominal target aspect using:
Target Aspect @ Aperture Center = zz*4.25 + 39.5*0.05 (Degrees)

Note: The indicated antenna depression angle in the pre-appended header is incorrect. The correct depression angle for each of the file sequences are listed below:

File Sequence Name Corrected Depression Angle (deg)
f101**** 27.9909
f102**** 28.1371
f103**** 28.2818
f104**** 28.4291
f105**** 28.5711
f106**** 28.7175
f107**** 28.8598
f108**** 29.0044
f109**** 29.1478
f110**** 29.2917
f111**** 29.4332
f112**** 29.5754
f113**** 29.7162
f114**** 29.8603
f115**** 29.9994
f116**** 30.1409
f117**** 30.2801
f201**** 30.4207
f202**** 30.5610
f203**** 30.7000
f204**** 30.8366
f205**** 30.9757
f206**** 31.1135
f207**** 31.2508
f208**** 31.3868
f301**** 31.5234
f302**** 31.6604
f303**** 31.7971
f304**** 31.9334
*** denotes appropriate values for yyzz