Program Description:

Allows you to convert a Jumpstart Collection Dynamic DataBase (DDB)complex stripmap image to 8-bit TIFF format.

Program Usage:

js_ddb2tiff -i <infile> -o <outfile> -h -e -t [0-7]


  • -h = Dump Phoenix (ASCII) header (Def: none)
  • -e = Auto-contrast enhance output (Def:none)
  • -t[0-7] = Convert specific tile of data (ONLY for images whose height >= 1024)

Description of Arguments:

  • <infile> : Input (complex) Jumpstart DDB stripmap image filename
  • <outfile> : Output Sunraster image filename
  • -h : Optional Phoenix header dump switch
  • -e : Option auto-enhnace switch
  • -t[0-7] : Optional single tile conversion switch

Files Necessary to Compile:

  • Include : tiff.h (Contains TIFF file defs.)
  • Library : TIFF libtiff library (OS-dependent)
  • Source : js_ddb2tiff.c read_switch.c
  • Make : js_ddb2tiff.mk (optional)

Compiling and Linking Code:

  • You can compile js_ddb2tiff either from the command line or by using the included makefil (note: .mk file). You may also need to remake the TIFF library if you are using a non-Sun machine.
  • a) Command line Method:
    • % gcc -c read_switch.c
    • % gcc -o js_ddb2tiff js_ddb2tiff.c read_switch.o libtiffSunOS.a -lm

NOTE: You can use other C compilers. Edit .mk file as necessary. You may need to re-create the TIFF library if you are using a non-Sun machine.

You can download the TIFF 6.0 Library source code by clicking here.

  • b) Using the Makefile [js_ddb2tiff.mk]:

Perform the following steps:

    1. % make -f js_ddb2tiff.mk
      (Creates executable: js_ddb2raw)
    2. % make -f js_ddb2tiff.mk clean
      (Deletes object code )