ADTS Test Kit

This product contains 29,000+ target, false alarm, and pwf (polarization whitening filter) image chip files to support ATR algorithm evaluation. The chips consist of test and training sets of the M48 tank and M55 howitzer. The following parameters apply to data in this kit:

ADTS Missions Target (M77 & M83)
False Alarm (M78, M90, & M140)
Training Set M48 tank at 345 aspects
M55 howitzer at 325 aspects
Test Set M48 tank at 68 aspects
M55 howitzer at 68 aspects
Clutter Sites Stockbridge, NY, Rural (56km2)
Ayer, MA, Urban (18km2)
Depression/Squint 22.5 degrees/40.0 degrees
Polarizations HH (pol0), HV (pol1), & VV (pol3)
Image Size 128 x 128
PWF Data Chips 32-bit float Polarization Whitening Filters
Data Type(s)
  • 64-bit complex (32-bit real, 32-bit imaginary)
  • 8-8-4 compressed
  • 32-bit float (pwf images)

There are NO headers on the chip data. All of the chip data is stored in Sun binary big-endian format. If you intend to use the data on a machine using a different byte-order, you will have to byteswap the data.

Approximate ADTS Test Kit Tape Contents:

1. M77 Target Chips (HH, HV, VV, PWF) ~3,188 files (~161 MB)
2. M83 Target Chips (HH, HV, VV, PWF) ~545 files (~ 90 MB)
3. M90 False Alarm (HH, HV, VV, PWF) ~12,868 files (~1.5 GB)
4. M140 False Alarm (HH, HV, VV, PWF) ~11,000 files (~1.0 GB)
5. M78 False Alarm (HH, HV, VV ) ~3,056 files (~400 MB)